WiFicoin best way to play

Pwning on the plane. Wificoin is the best way to play Fortnite and PUBG on the plane

Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson

Some of the best gamers in the world fly to events to play in battle royal tournaments. The games they play are usually Fortine, PUBG, Call of Duty, or other combat games where players try to take each other out.

A lot of these gamers aren't just gamers. Some of them vlog about their amazing lives traveling the world and playing games. While flying to their events, many of these "influencers" have tried to play online games like Fortnite and PUBG while flying and they've shared their experience. Gamers like Ali-A have shown videos playing Fortnite Battle Royal.

But it's not just gamers. Youtubers like Rawknee and Wolfie have videos of them trying to play these games on a flight. And they're not alone. Just these three videos have a total viewership of 8M. So whether your one of the people who watched these videos, or you're just going on a trip and the basic inflight entertainment isn't enough. I'm going to tell you the best way to play online games on a plane.

What is Wificoin

While these "influencers" have millions of subscribers and tons of views, the one thing they're missing for playing Fortnight or Pubg on a plane is WIficoin. Wificoin is by far the best way to play online games in flight.

Wificoin is a pay-as-you-go inflight wifi app that allows travelers to access inflight wifi on 37 airlines. Anyone can download wificoin before they fly, purchase credits, and then use those credits to connect to inflight wifi on their flight as long as the airline and aircraft are supported. It currently does not have desktop access but will be releasing this feature soon.

Furthermore, credits can be used to connect to 68M wifi hotspots around the world in 180 countries.

Ali A "PLAYING Fortnite: Battle Royale... ON A PLANE! (30,000ft)"

Ali A starts out in San Francisco for an event called GDC. He's about to embark on a 12-hour flight home to London and naturally want's to play some Fortnite while he travels. He mentions how important the "ping" is. Once he gets on the plane the "ping" is slow to the point where he doubts his ability to play the game. Regardless of slow speeds, he's able to win a Battle Royal Fortnite game on a plane. Some users have claimed higher speeds which could help with the slow "ping" factor of gaming on a plane.

Wolfie "I Won a Game of FORTNITE on an AIRPLANE!! (30,000+ FT IN THE AIR) *INSANE*"

Much like Ali A, Wolfie starts his video in a hotel room while at a conference for the Youtube Creator Summit. On the way to his conference, he played and won a game of Fortnite. Wolfie had an awesome plane holder for watching videos etc on the plane. What's even more crazy, he used a computer and an actual xbox controller while he played fortnite on the plane. With all his gadgets to assist him, he would have had a much better experience using Wificoin.


In Rawknee's first youtube episode ever he tries to play PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) mobile on two separate flights. During the first flight he is unable to get fast enough internet speeds, but on the second flight, he is able to successfully play a game of PUBG in the air. Maybe he would have been able to play on both flights if he had Wificoin.

Whether you're playing Fortnite, PUBG, or Call of Duty, Wificoin is the best way to play online games on a plane. This is not only because Wificoin has reportedly higher speeds, but because it allows gamers to pay for only the wifi they use.

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