WiFi, Harmony, and Sacred Geometry
Jun 4, 2018

WiFi, Harmony, and Sacred Geometry

Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson

Illustrating the Wificoin brand and website began with us visualizing what WiFi is and how it behaves. We all recognize WiFi as that icon with the expanding curves, implying a kind of signal and reach. This was incorporated into the logo with the help of a young company called Wunderdogs. They were instrumental in giving form to the logo, a descriptive solution that successfully marries the images of WiFi and a token/coin; this allows both the product offer and business landscape to have primary relevance within the brand.

The next phase was developing a visual landscape that could express more than just the core identity, so as to be able to populate Wificoin's website and other marketing needs effectively. I decided the best way to flush this out was to use Sacred Geometry as a primary design language.

The reason becomes obvious when one considers Wificoin's mission and core offer within the WiFi landscape. WiFi is a mess, full of redundancies, inefficiencies and difficult to access networks. Wificoin resolves this and improves the WiFi experience for everyone (provider, user, network, etc...). In this way, Sacred Geometry became a visual representation of the harmony that Wificoin brings to the WiFi landscape: its forms are inherently balanced and repetitive - just like WiFi signals - and cut through the noise by visually illustrating a harmonious, expansive whole that is inclusive and clear.

For those who are not aware of what Sacred Geometry is, it's most popular expression is the Golden Ratio (1 to 1.618, approximately). This is found again and again in nature: plant leaves, sea shells, etc... . It has also been used by artists to develop their compositions and is commonly found in architectural solutions throughout history. The Greeks famously used it to build the Parthenon, as did Michelangelo in his architecture and sculpture. The list goes on.

Sacred Geometry allows us to have multiple levels of complexity and meaning. At its most simple, the graphics are a series of squares, triangles and circles that are laid down as patterns built using specific ratios so that the forms become apparent and pleasing to the eye. This generates balance, visual interest and a sense of cohesive inclusion, which is what Sacred Geometry is.

We tried to apply other layers of meaning by breaking down the various illustrations into single elements and animating them. For example, the illustration on the hero clearly shows a signal that flows through a tunnel towards the user, implying that Wificoin is coming to them. The shape on the security section has circles pull out and come back into place, simulating the movement of a lock and therefore implying security. The roadmap section has an animation that illustrates the idea of touching all the bases. These animations are critical in providing users with a cohesive message and maintaining their visual interest.

Sacred Geometry is a perfect structure to represent a better version of WiFi to the world and get people to read the content. We will be able to use these forms in multiple ways going forward as the company grows and evolves. The more we do, the better and clearer it will become.

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