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Mar 25, 2020

Wificoin COVID-19 Connectivity Initiative

Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson

Why is Wificoin doing this?

Because we wanted to do our part. Knowing information and connectivity is more important than ever right now, we wanted to make sure everyone in our community has access to essential communication.

Last week, we announced this initiative to extend FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's "Keep Americans Connected" pledge and offer free access to hotspots around the world and free eSim data plans.

We were deeply touched by the stories that were submitted. Highlighting a few below:



We offered packages ranging from 200 MB to 1 GB free internet (based on the effort users put into sharing their story) to over 70+ users that applied.


We were happy we could help but felt like there are probably many more that can be helped, hence we decided to open this initiative and accept donations to help many more in need.

Answers to some quick questions you may be thinking:

What are the applicants getting?

Free access to the internet either via Wifi or LTE, per their request. Details here.

What are we donating?

Free access to the internet in Gigabytes, starting with 1 GB package. Donate here.

How will the donation reach the applicants?

All legitimate submissions are queued weekly. At the end of the week, all donations will be distributed amongst the applicants.

Will Wificoin make money on this?

No, the donation only covers our hard costs. Wificoin is an aggregator and has to pay the suppliers the bandwidth cost.

Will Wificoin lose money on this?

Possibly, we hope not. It took us almost a week to support the first batch of submissions. If the number of submissions continues to increase, and we don't receive adequate donations, unfortunately, we won't be able to cover the cost anymore.

We've heard so many stories of people whose lives have been derailed due to the coronavirus and we sincerely hope we can all create a positive impact in people's life.

Thank you,

Wificoin Team

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