SIM Swap
July 08, 2020

What is SIM Swap

Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson

With two-factor authentication being used by most websites, your phone number is more important than your Social Security Number. Your phone number is the key to your bank accounts, your email accounts, and your social media accounts. If someone can re-route your texts to their phone, they can break into almost anything.

All a hacker has to do is click "reset password", the verification text is sent to them, and they change your password. Within seconds they can access bank accounts, brokerage accounts, and anything on the web that's linked to your email.

Attacks of this nature are becoming so common that they've garnered a nickname: SIM Swap.

What is a SIM Swap

SIM Swapping targets the SIM card inside your phone. It's a tiny plastic chip that tells the phone which cellular network to connect to.

The attack occurs when a hacker contacts your cellular provider and convinces the person at the call center to re-route connection to a SIM card in their possession instead of the one in your phone.

This may seem like a difficult feat for a hacker, but a study released in January revealed how easy these scams are to pull off.

What is Share-G

Share-G is a cellular provider that provides unlimited, talk, text, and data, while completely protecting you from SIM Swaps and identity theft.

Share-G works like any other provider. We provide you with a SIM card that goes in your phone and provides coverage on America's #1 4G Network. The network covers 99% of American's, but Share-G's SIM card is secure and unhackable.

You can keep your old number or get a new one if you believe you may already be a victim of SIM Swap.

Share-G works by providing military-grade protection against any kind of SIM hack. We've created 11 layers of security to ensure your phone number is protected. It's the same phone plan with 11 firewalls to ensure your SIM is not hacked.

On top of all of that, members of the network are guaranteed peace of mind because Share-G ensures it's system with $5 Million worth of loss coverage. Get started now!

The Details:

If you're interested in exactly how we go about protecting your SIM below are the 11 levels of security that every member is equipped with.

    1. We store our data in silos across multiple servers on multiple locations which are only accessible by multi-factor authentication of multiple users. This means we've spread our risk with no single point of failure

    2. Our data storage centers are all ISO 270001:2005 SSAE 16 certified

    3. Data is E2E encrypted with zero-level authentication implemented

    4. We're always using a private VPN using state-of-the-art cryptography, like the Noise protocol framework, Curve25519, ChaCha20, Poly1305, BLAKE2, SipHash24, HKDF, and secure trusted constructions

    5. We keep our keys locked in cold storage & use multi-signature keys for any change

    6. Every employee goes through a rigorous background check with no criminal history. It's equivalent to top-level security clearance

    7. Data access is limited to a single IP that can't be accessed outside the US.

    8. For any major change which includes allowing a number to be port-out have to be approved by multiple parties and through a manual process

    9. We go through a minimum of 7 layers of authentications for a user to port-out. In the majority of the case up-to customer discretion, they can choose the up-to 11 layers of authentications. These authentications are random to protect any malicious attempt

    10. Minimum of 7 days cool-off period before a port out is initiated

    11. We also use PGP encryption if the customer requests it

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