Origin founders join Wificoin
Jun 20, 2018

Origin founders join Wificoin as advisers as the two projects form partnership

Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson

Wificoin leverages blockchain technology to converge existing WiFi networks around the world to form one Global Public WiFi Utility that is open to all, seamless and secure by design.

Anyone can earn Wificoins by offering to share their home or organization's WiFi access points and seamlessly access millions of WiFi hotspots by spending Wificoins. With each new organization and host that supports the protocol, Wificoin gets one step closer to the vision where users can automatically and securely connect and roam across a single WiFi network provided by everyone, for everyone.

The Wificoin protocol establishes a reliable WiFi connection between a host and a user. The Origin protocol makes it easy to manage host and user identities, review, ratings and reputation on the Ethereum blockchain. Wificoin is delighted to partner with Origin to be able to leverage this technology to connect Wificoin users with the best WiFi hosts.

Origin founders join Wificoin

Wificoin founder Suruchi first met Origin co-founders Matt and Josh at the World Crypto Economic Forum back in January and on many occasions after that. She was very impressed by the solution that Origin provides to blockchain projects based on the fractional economy such as Wificoin. It was obvious the projects were meant for each other. And as Matt and Josh have always shared great ideas and insights with Suruchi, Wificoin is very pleased to also bring them personally on board as advisers.

"We can all relate to the problem of seeing 20 WiFi networks nearby but none of them available or working. Wificoin solves this problem while allowing others to monetize their extra bandwidth. We're happy to be advising Wificoin and are excited they chose to build on top of Origin Protocol. This is such an obvious and useful application of blockchain technology and we can't wait to see what Suruchi and her team are able to create", said Origin co-founder Josh.

Wificoin is thrilled to announce this partnership today and looks forward to announcing many more in the coming weeks.

Check out Wificoin at www.wificoin.com Learn more about Origin Protocol atwww.originprotocol.com.

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