Ajit Pai
Mar 19, 2020

Wificoin Extends the FCC Pledge to Keep America and the World Connected

 Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson

As Coronavirus moves across the globe, it's affecting people's lives in a myriad of ways. Folks in the U.S. are beginning to experience what Europe has experienced with the situation in Italy.

The F.C.C. has launched the Keep Americans Connected initiative that asks companies not to terminate service for residential or small business customers, waive any late fees incurred due to the economic effects of the virus, and open access to public Wi-Fi hotspots to "any American who needs them."

During this unprecedented time, billions of people are turning to the internet as their primary source of information; finding contact info for medical professionals, understanding symptoms and preventative measures, or to distract themselves from these unnerving times. Wificoin wants to help as much as they can, and outlined below are some of the measures we're taking to keep Americans and the world connected. A small impact can make an immeasurable difference in the life of an individual, and if we can create that even once, our efforts will have been worth it.

At Wificoin we have the ability to take this one step further and extend it to the world. We pledge to help keep the world connected.

In the meantime, we wish to all that they stay safe and take care of one another.

Free LTE eSIM Data Plans to those in need

Folks affected by the situation can complete the following steps to receive a free eSIM Data Plan.

    1. Fill out this form. Those who are affected will tell us their story, and any legitimate submissions will receive a data plan.

    2. Once approved, users will receive a QR code in their email that they can scan to add the data plan to their phone. For details on how to set this up, users can access the eSIM guide.

Free access to public and premium hotspots

Wificoin offers access to 68M hotspots in 150 countries around the world. For the next 60 days, we're offering free access to all hotspots worldwide.

To access these hotspots follow the steps below:

  • 1. Fill out this form
  • 2. Once approved, users will receive an email within 1 day to download the app with a unique link.

  • download

  • 3. Sign in for free with your phone number

  • Signup

  • 4. If there is a nearby hotspot click "GET CONNECTED"

  • Get Connected

  • 5. Otherwise, click "DIRECTIONS TO HOTSPOT" to navigate to the closest free hotspot

  • Directions hotspot

People who are stranded abroad, away from their families, may not be able to reach them because of expensive data plans, or inaccessible wifi. We want to help them with essential communication. It's hard to imagine being stuck somewhere unable to communicate with family or medical professionals. Situations like this are what we're trying to alleviate.

At this time communication and information are incredibly important. The point of this measure is to help anyone who needs this but may not have access.

With such a widespread, chaotic issue, the needs of individuals and their unique struggles are unforeseeable. We want to help in any way we can.

Wificoin Team

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