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How to get Free Inflight Wifi

Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson

Inflight wifi offers many conveniences while cruising at 10,000ft. Products like Delta Inflight WiFi and GoGo Inflight allow you to pay up front for some time with WiFi connectivity. whether you're working, shopping, or just texting your friends and family, this certainly makes a flight 2 hour domestic Delta flight much more bearable. If you're flying international, it's practically a necessity.

While services like Gogo inflight and Delta Wifi do make flights less painful, they can put a hurting on your wallet. In most cases you'll pay $10 minimum for 30 minutes of connectivity; if you wait till the last minute it's likely to be more. On an international flight these prices can really add up.

Below is an introduction to Wificoin and an up to date list of how to get free inflight wifi credits.

Up to date list of how to get free inflight wifi credits

1. Leave a Review - 500 Credits

2. Refer a friend - 1000 Credits

Introducing Wificoin

Wificoin is the only Inflight Wifi app, providing connectivity in more than 10 different airlines. Not only does it provide inflight connectivity, but it provides a whole lot of flexibility.

Say you're flying on an international flight from New York to Tokyo and want to send some work emails, while being able to message or call family. You can either pay 20/hr minimum for Delta Inflight Wifi, or you can pay for only the minimal amount of data you use for your calls, texts, and emails, saving you boatloads of money and allowing you to stay connected for your entire 14hr flight.

What's more is if you have any leftover inflight wifi credits you can use them on your next flight

That's what Wificoin Inflight wifi provides. But not only can you get cheaper more efficient inflight internet, but you can earn free inflight wifi.

How to earn Inflight WiFi

Wificoin Inflight Wifi App allows you to access gogo inflight wifi, Delta inflight wifi, and other services on multiple airlines. However, it also offers a way to earn free inflight wifi. Below is a list of ways to earn free inflight wifi.

Leave a review

Simply download wificoin, leave an honest review on the App store or Play store. You will earn 100 credits when you leave your first review.

Refer a friend

Wificoin makes it easy for you to invite friends to join Wificoin via social media, text, or email. When they signup and purchase an inflight wifi plan, you get 1000 credits.

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