Mar 04, 2020

How to connect to inflight wifi using cryptocurrency

Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson

Since the launch of bitcoin in 2009 people have been wondering what can be purchased with cryptocurrency. As society has slowly started to catch up, the list continues to grow. From cars to lottery tickets to jewelry, merchants everywhere are accepting bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency. It's even possible to buy airline tickets with cryptocurrency.

Now, with the Wificoin app, it's possible to connect to inflight wifi using cryptocurrency, for the first time ever. So if you find yourself stuck on a plane with some extra coins in your wallet, you can purchase inflight wifi to start gaming, or cruising Instagram by paying with cryptocurrency.

The Wificoin App:

Wificoin is a pay-as-you-go inflight wifi app that allows travelers to access inflight wifi on 37 airlines. Anyone can download wificoin before they fly, purchase credits, and then use those credits to connect to inflight wifi on their flight as long as the airline and aircraft are supported. It currently does not have desktop access but will be releasing this feature soon.

Furthermore, credits can be used to connect to 68M wifi hotspots around the world in 180 countries.


Wificoin supports Bitcoin, Ether (Etherium), Monero, Litecoin, and BNB Coin.


Supported airlines include Alaska, American Airlines, Air Canada, Delta Airlines, Japan Airlines, Aeromexico, GOL, LATAM airlines, Virgin America, and Virgin Atlantic. There are many more on the horizon including United Airlines and 26 smaller airlines.

How to pay for inflight wifi using cryptocurrency

To get started, download the Wificoin app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. From there, you can easily create an account using just your phone number. Navigate to the credits screen and choose a plan that works best for you. We recommend subscription plans for people who travel more than once per month.

Wifi Settings

Once you've selected the plan that works best, you can click the buy credits button and select how you'd like to pay.

Wifi Settings

Wificoin supports credit cards, cryptocurrency, apple pay, and google pay depending on which platform you've downloaded the app.

Wifi Settings

Select which cryptocurrency you'd like to pay with (Bitcoin, Ether, Monero, Litecoin, or BNB coin), then select pay now.

Wifi Settings

Finally, you can send the funds from your wallet using the QR code or the unique address.

Wificoin makes it easier than ever to connect to inflight wifi and now accepts cryptocurrency as well as USD to make it even easier.

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