Suruchi Gupta
Hackathon Startup Wificoin
Jan 16, 2020

23 yr old software dev quits her job to start pay-as-you-go inflight wifi company

Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson

Suruchi Gupta quit her job as a software developer with Juniper Networks at the age of 23. After immigrating from Mumbai, and receiving her masters in CS, it was her first job out of grad school during which she conducted much of her product research. For Suruchi, product research took the form of hackathons. After winning virtually every hackathon she entered, with various products, Suruchi settled on Wificoin with the goal of "providing one-click access to the internet, everywhere". A daunting initiative which recently took to the air.

Wificoin recently launched Wificoin Inflight, a new Inflight Wifi app that provides users with the ability to pay for inflight wifi on a "pay-as-you-go” basis. Issues abound with the current inflight wifi offerings, Wificoin seeks to solve some of the current pain in the marketplace. Before getting on a flight, users have to buy a time-based plan or they'll pay a massive premium for buying in the air. If the wifi on the plane doesn't work or is extremely slow, the money is lost. Furthermore, existing solutions only provide access on a single airline per package, or completely restrict users to one or two airlines, as is the case with many monthly plans.

With Wificoin, users buy credits that they trade for inflight wifi as needed. If the wifi on that particular plane doesn't work, or if they don't use all of their credits, users can keep their credits to use on their next flight, on 37 participating airlines or at any of the 68M+ hotspots in 180 countries after they land.

Wificoin allows users to control their spend. Texts, emails, and calls don't use much data so no need to buy an expensive package. With Wificoin, users just pay for the data they use and can buy more as needed.

"Our goal is to provide the experience of being continuously connected to one singular network across the globe, starting with the inflight segment. We're seeing rapid adoption of our product, suggesting that people find the existing approaches unsatisfactory," says Suruchi Gupta, CEO at Wificoin.

Features and benefits of Wificoin Inflight include:

Buy Once, Use Everywhere

Most inflight wifi companies only allows you to use the internet on one flight or a couple of airlines. With Wificoin, you can buy a package for oneyour flight then use unused credits on your next flight; on any of the 37 supported airlines or 68M+ hotspots in 180 countries after you land.

Pay for what you use.

There's no need to pay for expensive inflight packages only to send a couple of emails. Wificoin credits allow users to access inflight internet and are only deducted for the data they use. Pricing is consistent and transparent across all airlines.

Share with family & friends.

Whether traveling with business colleagues or friends, users can share a plan across devices so everyone can connect. WIficoin offers inflight wifi on up to 5 devices simultaneously with any subscription plan.

For more information visit the website or download wificoin

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