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Suruchi Gupta
Hackathon Startup Wificoin
Jan 16, 2020

23 yr old software dev quits her job to start pay-as-you-go inflight wifi company

Suruchi Gupta quit her job as a software developer with Juniper Networks at the age of 23. After immigrating from Mumbai, and receiving her masters in CS, it was her first job out of grad school during which she conducted much of her product research. For Suruchi, product research took the form of hackathons.

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Get Free inflight Wifi

How to get Free inflight Wifi

Inflight wifi offers many conveniences while cruising at 10,000ft. Products like Delta Inflight WiFi and GoGo Inflight allow you to pay up front for some time with WiFi connectivity. Weather you’re working, shopping, or just texting your friends and family, this certainly makes a flight 2 hour domestic Delta flight much more bearable. If you’re flying international, it’s practically a necessity.

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Public WiFi
Oct 17, 2018

Public WiFi Might Finally Become Secure After All

Public WiFi has become ubiquitous due to a growing consumer demand for always-on connectivity. While 4G and 5G connections are rising in number, nothing beats the stability and speed of WiFi internet.

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Origin founders join Wificoin
Jun 20, 2018

Origin founders join Wificoin as advisers as the two projects form partnership

Wificoin leverages blockchain technology to converge existing WiFi networks around the world to form one Global Public WiFi Utility that is open to all, seamless and secure by design.

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WiFi, Harmony, and Sacred Geometry
Jun 4, 2018

WiFi, Harmony, and Sacred Geometry

Illustrating the Wificoin brand and website began with us visualizing what WiFi is and how it behaves. We all recognize WiFi as that icon with the expanding curves, implying a kind of signal and reach. This was incorporated into the logo with the help of a young...

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Net Neutrality & Wificoin
Net Neutrality
Apr 26, 2018

Net Neutrality & Wificoin

Net neutrality is a premise which emphasizes the equal treatment of internet data, and especially pertinent to Wificoin, without the interference of a third party. Extending this principle, the function of Wificoin as a utility, governed by token holders and token holders alone...

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Why Wificoin
Apr 7, 2018

Why Wificoin?

First rolled out in the 1990’s, WiFi was originally founded with the ambitious goal of “connecting everyone and everything” by creating local shared networks that were user friendly and user oriented. It offered a revolutionary solution at a time when there was heavy reliance on wired networks and...

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