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How to get American Airlines Wifi

American Airlines offers wifi through two major providers: GoGo and Viasat. They offer daily passes and monthly plans. But now there is an alternative way to access American Airlines Wifi. The WIficoin app allows you to pay as you go for AA inflight wifi and even if you want to do a monthly plan, you can use the monthly plan on American Airlines as well as a bunch of other airlines so you're not locked into one.

How Wificoin gets you connected to AA in-flight wifi

Wificoin provides access to American Airlines wifi on mobile or tablet. AA wifi is offered through the Wificoin mobile app which is available for iPhone and Android on both the App Store and Play Store.

To get started with American Airlines wifi, first, download the Wificoin app for free. Be sure to do this before your flight. Then create an account by entering your phone number and email address. Once you've created your account you'll be able to access inflight wifi on American Airlines and 36 other airlines on a pay-as-you-go basis. Before your trip, go to the credits screen to purchase credits that you will exchange for data as you're flying. If you get a subscription package, you'll receive a certain amount of credits every month which you can use on multiple devices .This allows you to share with your family, friends, and colleagues.

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Why Wificoin is the best way to connect to American Airlines Wifi

Buy Once, Use Everywhere.

Most inflight wifi companies only allow you to use the internet on one flight or a couple of airlines. With Wificoin, you can buy a package for on your flight then use unused credits on your next flight; on any of the 37 supported airlines or 68M+ hotspots in 180 countries after you land.

Pay for what you use.

There's no need to pay for expensive inflight packages only to send a couple of emails. Wificoin credits allow users to access inflight internet and are only deducted for the data they use. Pricing is consistent and transparent across all airlines.

Share with family & friends.

Whether traveling with business colleagues or friends, users can share a plan across devices so everyone can connect. WIficoin offers inflight wifi on up to 5 devices simultaneously with any subscription plan.

For more information visit the website or download wificoin

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